Newsletter the Second

Summer is going quickly… another two weeks have passed and time for another update.

I’m plugging away steadily at my summer project: writing a new module for next year. I’ve drafted a few former students (and Alistair) to give me feedback on what I’m doing, and so far so good. But that is dull, onto the more interesting stuff…

Another lecturer, Graham, has joined and has picked “writing that journal article that is 3 years overdue” for his UNversity project… but no progress updates yet!

Bryan has got himself an internship in Germany working in an algorithms research group – where he has been working on a Java based web-game that blends graph algorithms and asteroids. You can see more here. Somehow I always get a negative score. Ho hum. But check the link and see how well you can do.

Graph Attack game

Graph Attack - Graphs meet asteroids

James is working with fellow Class of 2012 graduand Craig and an artist friend on a super secret project: wish I could tell you more, but I don’t know any more. James is also working on another personal project, having realised he didn’t really have time to work on three summer projects at once. Busy busy.

Last newsletter I mentioned how Kieran was also busy – the Graveyard Baby Hospital update is still making progress and partner Keith is also keeping busy with a personal project to broaden out his skills – this one being a Windows Phone 7 project with Silverlight/XNA. More details on this on his blog, here.

Derek has also been very busy – but so far it seems that a lot of that busy has been playing Diablo 3 and various indie games. Time for a new playable demo, Derek!

Still a few folk that I haven’t mentioned yet, and quite a few folk who haven’t really said what it is they’ll be doing this summer: Time to tell us what you are planning!

Keep posting your updates to the Facebook group and/or twitter @UNversity