The Third Newsletter is Finally Here!

It has been quite a while since the last newsletter – since when the prizes were announced  and there has been a HUGE amount of activity… which is going to make writing up a newsletter summary something of a challenge. But here goes, working back through the updates…

Jonathan has been busy doing concept art for secret-ish game projects. Not so secret that he hasn’t been able to share some images though.

Via twitter, James was very quiet for a while but is back on board and with a screenshot to prove it:

Looking nice.

Steven McG was working on a level editor for his project using C# – but has announced a detour into Python. Not clear whether this will end up being used in the project, but could be productive – Python is a language that has developed a lot over recent years and is often used in scripting on online environments. So worth having some experience with anyway.

David has so many projects (iOS, WinPhone7, OSX, web, …) on the go, that I think I’ve lost count – and don’t know how he keeps track of them either.

Bryan’s Graph Attack game was looking fairly polished when I saw it last – multiplayer Java asteroids and graph theory based shooting action. He’s on an IAESTE placement too, so while this is only part of what he’s been doing this summer, he is actually being paid to do this! Nice one.

Derek actually abandoned his first game project because it was too boring – but his second, Tank’ed has an early playable release that has been available for a week or so already. He’s using a language called Monkey to write this. Monkey is a new language that benefits from language translation (bit of Computing Systems revision for you there!) to convert to different target languages/environments. So the game is playable as a Windows game, a Flash webgame or a HTML5/Javascript webgame. Quite impressed with the results – I may have to give it a go myself. When I get the time, that is.

Ian and Joanne both took the Coursera online course on algorithms – and both did well I believe. Now that is over, Joanne will be either working on extending her group project from 3rd year or delving deeper into fun with shaders. See what she has done so far:

Waiting to see if Ian will also be taking on another project to round off the summer!

Anthony is taking a short break at the moment, but sounds like his Android project is progressing steadily.

Franco Steinburg (just possibly not his real name) is another person who did a project restart, and has been having fun with quad-trees. Was finding it easier to get it to work than to render it in-game from the sounds of it, but to celebrate getting it to work he kindly posted a little video!

From Paul we have a little invaders game with very nice sounds and bright visuals. Pleasant way to spend a few spare minutes playing online! Try Bit-Invaders here.

Neil has abandoned his Android project and is now splitting his time between C++ and ActionScript at the moment. Being paid to do some ActionScript development, and hoping to submit his C++ project for UNversity. It’s never too late* Neil, don’t worry. ( * actually, UNversity ends on Sept 14th, so as far as entering UNversity for competition purposes, so Sept 15th and after is too late.)

 Jamie has signed up, but not told us what he is going to do. Come on Jamie!

Keith and Kieran are both continuing work on Graveyard Baby Hospital, as well as claiming to work on personal projects besides. (And Kieran is also on a summer placement, I believe.) Keeping themselves very busy, clearly. Give GBH a like on Facebook and share with all your friends – they’ll thank you for it, I’m sure. (Your friends as well as Keith and Kieran…).

James lost his partner when Craig got his job offer at Headstrong Games, and is trying to summon the enthusiasm to get a new tech demo together. You can do it James!

Chris is now in full time work in Sweden, but still managing to update his 3rd year project to support better run-time recompilation of shaders and other niceness.

And I’ve done almost nothing for the past couple of weeks as this has been my holiday proper… well, I went to Wickerman and saw some great bands, and appeared in a pop video, but other than that, not very much. So I need to knuckle down to get going on the Game Engine Design class for next semester. Sadly I’ll also have resits to mark in the next week or two. But best of luck to everyone who is submitting coursework or sitting a resit exam!