The fourth newsletter… seriously overdue

Erm, this is more overdue than an overdue thing.

Luckily, you can check the Facebook Group to see what people have been doing and that I’ve not been writing about. Or read about it below…

To pick just a few visual things, Neil has a video of skeletal animation in Flash which you can see hereĀ Animations – by a programmer!

A few folk squeezed in extra projects as part of Ludum Dare – notably Derek and David.

Stephen posted a compilation video showing a range of the things he’s been working on this summer – an impressive range of stuff, for sure.

Graham doesn’t do game dev – but he does think and write about media and culture, and wrote this excellent post on how urban areas in games mirror contemporary concerns.

Joanne cannily combined resit work with UNversity, taking work that had to be done, and taking it beyond what was needed – and ended up *enjoying* the project! You can see her snazzy Java program with Swing UI for solving Numbrix puzzles here.

Not many other recent updates, but since the last newsletter was such a long time ago I haven’t yet mentioned that Bryan finished his Graph Attack game (is it still up an running?), that Kieran announced that he will be aiming to enter Graveyard Baby Hospital into the IGF awards competition, or any of Derek’s other work with the amazingly cross platform Monkey programming language.

Oh, and I haven’t mentioned yet that Lee Stott from Microsoft will be visiting UWS on Monday 24th of September to award the prizes… perhaps should have said that somewhere too!

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