UNversity 2013 – New Year, New Plans

Almost summer… time when folk start to think of long uninterrupted weeks with unlimited Jeremy Kyle and Doctors, long lie ins and maybe even a few days without rain.

But no! UNversity is back and determined to be both bigger and better than ever.

Don’t let your super dev skills atrophy and waste away over the summer months – instead pick a personal project to work on, create a game and get it on the app store or spend some time studying that topic you’d like to know more about – but which we don’t cover enough at University. Or indeed, just pick a project that will help you for the resit diet…

And there will be prizes at the end again to celebrate how fantastic folk can be when they try.

This year the awards will be based on four themes:

Academic – want to study a subject in more depth? Or a subject outside of the university curriculum? Pick a course from iTunes U, Coursera, Udacity, EdX or any other online provider. Let us know about your choice, and keep us updated about your progress.

App Store - Develop and publish a game or app. Even if you don’t get as far as publishing, keep us informed of progress and you are sure to learn a lot over the summer. Who knows, you might even make some money

Demo Scene - OK, maybe you want to learn how to implement some piece of tricky tech, or make a demo showcasing your techy prowess, or perhaps just a small section of a much larger game. Whatever it is, it isn’t quite something publishable, but a download executable or maybe an online video showing off your project might be outcome enough – and will allow you to show off your achievements.

Team Work - Finally, you might be working on something for the App Store or a Demo as part of a small group. Keep us up to date on the groups achievements as well as on your personal contributions.

Last year we had some great prizes courtesy of Microsoft, Gearbox and others – but whether you win something or not, you’ll be building your skills and portfolio, and taking a key step from student to industry pro.

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