More project types for 2013

OK, so I already announced four categories of UNversity project – Academic, App Store, Demo and Teamwork for UNversity 2013. Now I’ve decided to add a two more categories, for those folk who are lucky enough to have scored an internship or who would like something a little more guided…

Research - Work on a research related problem/task in association with a member of staff. Availability of projects depends on finding a member of staff willing to supervise a project, and being able to agree a project with them.

Internship - Lucky enough to have got a summer placement or internship? Then this might be for you!

For both of these, the basic requirement of writing up your summer activities regularly and hanging out in the UNversity social media (i.e. a Facebook event!) is still expected – do stuff, share what you are doing, and use the UNversity community for help and support. For internships and placements you may need to limit what you can share, but you should still be able to talk in general terms about what you are doing!

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