UNversity 2013 – Starters Orders!

Mentally I had set today for the ‘start’ day of UNversity, but some folk have already made a start and others (including myself, *ahem*) have still to set some goals for what is going to be achieved this year.

So while I can’t say yet what I’ll be working on, a whole bunch of folk have said what they hope to be doing, and some have even made a start…

Ian and James have already got started on their C++/OpenGL voxel engine. Derek has a Sim-U-Settle game in the works – and already has a playable! Well, OK, it is a bit basic for now, but hey, early days. Martin is working on a bunch of things (some with other folk) but seems to have already ported his prize winning Unicorn Space Command to Android. Nice one.

Liam and Blair also have a bunch of ideas of things to work on. The plan is to start at the top and see how far down the list they manage.

The We Make Space Games collective (does that make them the Borg?) seem to be doing loads and loads. A game, another game, a board game, game jams… I get exhausted just reading about it.

Stephen McG should be shipping his first PSM game soon (STOP ADDING FEATURES STEPHEN!), after while he’ll be turning back to C++ and GPU programming. More here. While Stephen W has a fairly large set of goals, improving his C++/OpenGL seems to be the top priority – so hopefully a nice demo there at the end of the summer.

Kevin is narrowing down an incredibly ambitious set of goals because of the reality of having to get a job to earn some money during the summer :-( Never mind Kevin, you don’t have to do a ton in UNversity, pick something small and fun to keep you entertained over the summer.

Daniel T will be working on an Android maze game, Bryan on Boids, Andrew on learning more OpenGL, Anthony on a Unity3D fight game and play around with his Raspberry Pi, Ryan on building his web-presence and Construct 2 game development, Rhys on portfolio development and Chris on a spacey fight game. Phew.

Apologies for anyone I missed, in future updates I’ll probably hightlight just one or two at a time. Meanwhile, there is still plenty of time to join in – it is never too late* to get involved.

Join up here if you want to get in on the action!


*Actually, it can be too late. When term starts for next year it will definitely be too late. Until then you probably still have time to set yourself some summer learning goals and get something done!


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