June Progress Report – part 1

OK, time to try to catch up with progress since the ‘starters orders’ post.

Stuart Clark posted the very next day, but didn’t announce what his project is…

Andrew started on a text-based adventure game. He also has a blog, but I don’t have the URL!

As well as working with Ian on a voxel engine, James is working on a new 2D games engine.

Keith has some ambitious plans. Lots of projects planned, starting with a procedural dungeon generator. Now he has a job, we’ll see how many of these come to fruition!

As well as working with We Make Space Games, Joanne will be extending her work on fur and hair to improve the hair modelling and perhaps work on cloth modelling too. More here.

Jonathan started with lots of goals about studying lots of things. After a little encouragement, his new goals are to develop a top-down 2D shooter in C++. A pretty good goal for a first year UNversity project, I think.

Another grad, Mark is going to develop an Android game. Details are sparse just now, look forward to seeing more soon.

Stephen is on the home run now to get Ahoy! published on the PSM app store. Getting impatient now… can’t wait to see this available for sale.

It happened so fast that I didn’t even notice, but Daniel T. has already released an UN-versity game! A simple maze game for Android developed with GameMaker, so not an epic tale, but impressive start to the summer.

Ian (mentioned above) has been working hard on the voxel engine. A whole load of updates on his blog.

And this only brings me up to the 10th of June, so I still have last week’s activity to post too… Very glad to see so many folk giving UN-versity a try this summer – amazed that at least one app has already been released to a store. Looking forward to what the next few weeks bring. And perhaps even managing some of my own work…

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