July already!

July already… time for another progress snapshot.

Kevin is working on a Facebook game, but keeping details under wraps.

James moved to 2D, but with a project to give him space to catch up on the new goodies in C++ x11. Sounds wise, I should do some of that. His project is a simple 2D RPG ‘Swords of Asgard’ – very early work can be seen here:

Derek got an Ouya and, as is now traditional, stopped a project and started a new one. Mojo Quest is a major exercise in rekindling developer mojo that Derek is planning – and with a public tracker, we can all follow his progress as he gets stuff done and finds his mojo once again. Or we can compete against him on Project Euler.

Martin updated Unicorn Space Command on the Windows App store – now with online leaderboards and more. And 500 downloads and counting. An Android version is on the way too.

Stephen W. is making steady progress on an OpenGL demo. His plans for a HTML5 2D shooter seem to be on the back-burner, but then juggling two projects isn’t always easy.

Finally got an update from Liam. A small piece of concept art revealed, but still being deliberately vague and more than a little secretive… looking forward to learning more in the fullness of time.

Jonathan’s top-down 2D OpenGL project is a good example of a project from a first year CGT student: takes what was done in class, and really gives more time to consolidating all that C++ experience and building it up a little more. And hopefully getting a fun to play game out of it at the same time!

Mark is taking a course in Start-Up Engineering. I’m not convinced he’s really finding it as good as he hoped, judging by those comments…

Keith seems to have dropped some of his lower priority projects, and is focussing on the dungeon generator. Now he has a job, will he maintain this? (Oh, and some work on an academic paper too…)

Ryan’s game review site – CriticalIndieGamer - ┬áis looking very professional – and seems to be finding a good audience too. This does look very nice – keep this going and perhaps the ad income can fund your future studies?

Kieran is finishing art for Ahoy!, working on Jump Drive and thanks to an IGDA Scholarship, will be at GDCE. Nice one.

Another time honoured tradition of UNversity is that someone other than Derek will realise that their original project was too ambitious. It’s definitely a learning experience, but from the ashes sometimes fantastic new creations arise. And so it is that Ian is dropping the voxel renderer project, and returning to an older RPG project – ripe for updating to use modern OpenGL.

Jamie’s card game is making progress, and he’s working on making the menus look a little more attractive. But Jamie, I recommend NOT using commercial music, not even as a place-holder. Only ever add assets that you have rights to, especially if you are giving people the chance to download it…

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