August already!

OK, another overdue UNversity update…

First up… we have prizes! And then a progress roundup. More below.

Prizes! Thanks to Microsoft there will be a Kinect for one lucky winner. Additionally, the creator(s) of the top project submission to the Windows App Store will get the chance to write a post on their project to be published on the official Microsoft blogs – great publicity.

AFAIK no one other than Cristi is explicitly targeting the Windows App Store, but with two months of UNversity left and lots of great App Store friendly tools out there (Construct, Game Maker, Unity, etc.) it really isn’t too late to start a new project. So if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines during the summer, now is the time to roll up the sleeves and get on the case! See ubelly for more great ideas.

Additionally, we have a couple of prizes courtesy of Eutechnyx. Some of you might have been along when UWS CGT graduate Philip came along with one of his colleagues and gave a chat about the work Eutechnyx have been doing on Nascar and other titles – now a chance to get one of the games for free. You can also see Philip talking about the Nascar game on the dev diary here.

Still waiting for a few more responses, so there should be more prizes to be announced, plus some Gearbox stuff that I have left over from last year – and a number of XBox and PS3 games that we have in the office. As I said at the start… there will be prizes! :-)

OK, now for the progress updates… I’ll only pick out a couple this time, because you can read the full gory details yourself on the Facebook event page.

I think one of the more interesting examples was Stephen McG – who has made amazing progress working on OpenGL, and should be ready to sit some of his 3rd year exams before term begins (!) – but was stuck in a rut with Ahoy! the PSM game. Feature creep and a little bit of development hell and it looked like the game was going to be abandoned. But folk rallied round on Facebook with support and encouragement and now it looks like the game will be finished and shipped after all. Great news. Also a great example of what I hope people get from UNversity – the little bit of community support and encouragement to keep going through the dark days of development hell.

Now Stephen just has to finish and ship the game so I can get my the university Vita back :-)

Like Keith, many are finding balancing work and personal projects difficult. Particularly when starting a new job – so we’ll cut some slack to the folk out their in full time employment. But keep us updated, and if you can try to schedule a milestone release (short demo, video, whatever) for September then we can include your projects in the UNversity hall of fame.

Kieran apparently doesn’t need slack (but then his commute is shorter…). He’ll be off to GDCE soon, and planning to take at least one indie game demo with him.

And with apologies to the folk I’m not including in this round up, I’ll end with a word on Martin Grant’s project – Martin has been working with Enable Scotland to show kids what is involved in making games, and working with them to create a game based on their designs. The game is going to be officially launched later this month at a swanky do. Not a bad thing for the CV. Not bad at all!

Again, apologies for not listing everyone this time round, but I am following progress on Facebook, and its great to see regular updates from folk and to see all the good work people are doing. Carry on!

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