I’ll catch up honest…

This is kind of not-an-update… The event on Facebook now has 35 folk ‘attending’, and a whole bunch of project updates since my last post. It’ll take me a while to work through them all.

But good to see project announcements from folk in every year of the games courses – from first years to folk just graduating and a few projects from some of our esteemed alumni.

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Choosing a Project: Hints & Tips

OK, a lot of folk have already picked a project for UNversity – or perhaps a large set of projects to work through. There are also still quite a few folk who have not declared a project yet, plus some who need to perhaps rethink their current project/list just a little to try to get some more focus. Below are my tips, but I welcome comments from UNversity veterans to chip in with their thoughts about what makes a good project.

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UNversity 2013 – Starters Orders!

Mentally I had set today for the ‘start’ day of UNversity, but some folk have already made a start and others (including myself, *ahem*) have still to set some goals for what is going to be achieved this year.

So while I can’t say yet what I’ll be working on, a whole bunch of folk have said what they hope to be doing, and some have even made a start…

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Getting prepped for UN-versity 2013 – #UNvers13

We have an event page now, on Facebook. It is a four month event… start date is a few weeks away, but of course folk can start on their projects as soon as they want.

To start a project all you need to do is post a comment on the Facebook event to say what you are doing… that is all. If you are not sure what you want to do, then you can ask for ideas. In particular, this year I have a few projects that I would like folk to work on if anyone is willing. Some of these might be useful for 3rd year students wanting to make a head start on a possible topic for honours year. But I’m sure I can come up with stuff for students at any level, and working in any discipline :-)

I’ll use the blog to post occasional updates and news – expect most stuff to happen on the Facebook event page.

Also, a #tag for the event… it seemed that last year #UNversity got a few mentions from folk who can’t spell university. On some days it got quite a lot, which made tracking/following tweets a bit of a pain. So this year the tag is #UNvers13 (Twitter search will ignore capitalisation though, so not a problem if you get that mixed up)